Wednesday, 5 June 2013

For being a consenting adult, there is a prize
So she wanted to be, and she lost her pride
The most invaluable stock of her trade, she sold it
To someone at a very low price
Now her heart is filled with sorrows and regrets
And her conscience beats her up
And tears fill her eyes
She cannot help than to cry

There is this guy who inquired from her, “Do u still have the most invaluable stock of your trade?” she said yes, knowing clearly that she had sold it cheaply.
The innocent boy had so much trust in her
Many days have passed by; she could not resist the fear of the boy finding out that the invaluable stock is no more.
She told him about her despicable plight but from a different sight.
“The most invaluable stock of my trade has been stolen” she said so with a tender voice, “the stock in which my pride lies is forever gone. No amount of money can ever bring it back”, she cried. The story was kept a secret between the two. The actual secret was known by one
Oh what a serious palpitation it was
When the so called putative secret was realized to be false
For the girl could not resist her guilty conscience so told him the truth about the cheap sales she made.
The boy’s decision to keep mute on this issue does only entangle the orations of his mouth
His heart speaketh of it every single day.
He feels that he should tell his folks about the story
But he fears that it might turn out to be ridicule

The genesis of the story: A lesson to be taught and learnt, a sudden graduation into a mutual friendship, then to a date.
He hopes to solicit for diverging and converging opinions.
A presentation of this story in one of his numerous literary works would be a way to avoid being an object of ridicule.
Meanwhile, his problems will be known to the world

The revelation of the tale: the confusion on his stand in the relationship
The story he wished to be untold has now been told but partially
The story continues so far as we live